#DontStare the Movement

#DONTSTARE the Movement


  #DONTSTARE the movement came along one day after my family and I  were on our way home from a restaurant.  We ended up leaving the restaurant before we could  finish eating because my husband, Terence,  got upset about everybody staring at our son Jaylen. 

Once we got home we sat down and talked about the situation that occurred at the restaurant and that's when we came up with the idea of making Jaylen shirts that says  #DONTSTARE to help raise awareness about how rude staring can be.

We know it’s not just our son getting stares, HELL,  it happens to my husband  because of his prosthetic leg.   Whether you have special needs, cancer, dwarfism,  too tall, homosexual or whatever it may be that cause other's who are unfamiliar to be rude by staring 

We know the feeling which is why we came up with the movement #DONTSTARE

Inclusion is needed and deserved


Accessibility in needed and deserved



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