Marissa Sweat -Evans son Jaylen Evans

My "SonShine" Jaylen!

Jaylen Evans was born July 11, 2006  at Orangeburg Regional Medical center in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  He is the oldest and the only boy of 3.

My son was born unresponsive and had to be resuscitated.  The next day, Jaylen was sent to Richland Memorial Hospital which is now called Prisma Health Care to receive better care for his needs. Jaylen stayed in the NICU for a month where he was diagnosed with seizures,  high blood pressure and GERD.  GERD caused Jaylen to need a fundoplication to help stop regurgitation of food so he could maintain his nurtrients.

After being released from the hospital Jaylen was home only 1 week before we were to be back in the hospital for bowel obstruction.  Because of the bowel obstruction, my son had to spend another month in the hospital.

In 2007 Jaylen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  It was something that my Mom always talked and asked doctors about.  Even though my mother spoke to me about Jaylen's diagnosis many times, hearing it still numbed me. You just don't want to hear that anything is going to be "wrong" with your child. 

The type of cerebral palsy Jaylen has is called hemiplegia. This type of cerebral palsy only affects one side of your body and in his case it’s his right side. Jaylen is nonverbal and unable to walk without assistance.  My son is able to crawl around and with assistance will take a few short steps.  

In March of 2019 Jaylen was diagnosed with autism.  My son does show alot of the signs children with Autism typically have.  Behavioral challenges being the most present within my son. I am still learning the diagnosis, however, what I do know is the signs I was seeing prior to the diagnosis being formal were acurate.  

Jaylen has given me so much purpose and so many reasons to want more in life.  My family and I started #DONTSTARE The Movement.  #DONTSTARE The Movement is for ANYONE who is different than societies standards.  Anyone who feels they aren't accepted. Anyone who is stared at by those who are ignorant. THIS MOVEMENT IS FOR ANYONE WHO FEELS LEFT OUT and NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

My son has a smile that will brighten up any room.  He loves riding go carts, roller coasters,  swimming and watching tv. He is the reason we get out in the community and help other families like our own.

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